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What About “BOB”?

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Adult
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“BOB” is starting to become a household name for some women of today. It comes in different shapes, sizes, different colors, different names, so forth and so on. Some twist, turn, vibrates and some just don’t do anything.

“BOB” is always hidden in places where people may never look for certain items. “BOB” is always where you left “it” and “BOB” don’t cheat lol.

“BOB” sends a shock of ecstasy through your body. “BOB” is always ready to “go” when you need it unless the batteries die lol.

But what is it that “BOB” can’t do?

Thanks to one of my favorite R&B singers, Raheem DeVaughn, he started a Trending Topics on Twitter that was titled “#BOBCANT & #BOBWONT that left me and a few other people clueless. So I went through my iPod to his album. Raheem has a song called “B.O.B”. I listened to the song and instantly I knew who “BOB” was!  Some of you may have caught on to who or what B.O.B is. Some may not have a clue.

B.O.B=Battery Operated Boyfriend

Let me break the song down.

Raheem explains that “BOB” can’t do the things a man can do to give you the pleasure and love that every woman needs and desires.

So ladies are we replacing men with “BOB”? I mean true enough, “BOB” can last almost forever (depends on the battery life lol) but do we really need “BOB”?

So here are the pros and cons of having “BOB” in our dresser lol….


1. it’s always there when you need it.

2. it’s always ready to handle business.

3. It doesn’t talk back.

4. You know how you left it.

5. It twirls and twists lol.

6. It can’t get you pregnant.

7. It can’t cheat on you.

8. Some come with twice the fun lol.

9. Some fit right in your purse for those spare of the moment moments lol

10.  Some are waterproof.


1. The batteries die fast.

2. It can’t hold you after that climax.

3. It can’t kiss you.

4. It can’t tell you that it loves you.

5. It will eventually stop working.

6. Someone is going to find it and you will be embarrassed.

7. You will have to replace it one day lol.

8. You will get bored with it.

9. Some are too loud.

10. Some are too big lol.

So ladies, why do we want and need “BOB” when it’s good for one thing but useless for another reason?

Take a listen to Raheem DeVaughn’s track titled “B.O.B” and see if you chance your views about “BOB”.