What’s LOVE? And How To Identify It When It Comes Your Way

Posted: July 1, 2010 in LOVE

Relationships…..(Exhales) are so complicated these days. Is it just me or does the word “Love” gets thrown around like a basketball once you are in a relationship?

“LOVE” is any number of emotions related to sense of strong affection and attachment. The word “Love” can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes raging from generic pleasure (your Love for something) to interpersonal (your Love for someone).

Now my question is what does “Love” really feel like? Is it that sick feeling you get when you see that person or hear that person’s name that you “Love” so dearly? Or is it when your mind goes into overdrive thinking about this person every hour, minute, and second? Now we all have said to have been in “Love” a time or two but hot don’t we know it’s not just “Lust”?

Now you may be asking yourself “WTF is this thing called “LOVE” and how do I know I am in it?”.

Love” is supposed to be that feeling you enjoy having. “Love” makes you go above and beyond for that special someone. “Love” is that phone call just to say “I’m thinking about you.”. “Love” is flowers for no reason. “Love” is long walks holding hands. “Love” is missing you for no reason.”Love” is seeing that person smile. “Love” is more than just SEX and busting a nut. BELIEVE THAT!!!! “Love” is mind sex when you want to get into a person’s mental. “Love” makes you expect the unexpected. “Love” is unconditional.

Love” doesn’t hurt. “Love” doesn’t make you cry. “Love” will not use you. “Love” will not get mad at you. “Love” will not hit you. “Love” will not cheat on you. “Love” will not leave you. “Love” will not give up on you.

Now that I broke that down, let’s go back for a moment. What makes you tell a person that you “Love” them? Is there a right time to say it? Do we wait until the other party say it first? If we wait to say “I Love You” will we miss out on “Love” or chase them away?

I have noticed that some people are literally scared of the word “Love“. I dare you to try to bring up the word “Love” and see how your mate reacts. A lot of people are truly scared of the word “Love” and this is because they have had their hearts broken because someone misused their “Love

So be careful how you use the word “Love“. “Love” is supposed to be something special. It’s not just a word. It’s an action.



  1. alexacreations says:

    Nice one i like it 🙂

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