Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

So  does it really take a woman to turn a man into a dog? When a man is played does he show that he’s hurt by treating women like a….I don’t know what term to use, but you get the picture. But is this the way to show that they are hurt? As for women, we call men dogs, but we let the men that have been hurt by another woman actions come into our lives and allow them to treat use the way the woman had treated them. Why?

Why are we (both men and women) scared to let our guards down and see the possibilities?

Why do we play with the hearts of others just to get the same thing done to us?

We do this to hurt the person before they hurt us. Pretty damn stupid huh? I know. But we do this because we are scared. We are scared to love, like, be liked, and etc. We try to like people we know we have no physical, emotional, mental attraction to. We know our own strength of what a person will fall for. A woman will fall for anything a man throws at her as long as he is drop dead gorgeous. He will sell us big dreams and keep us on a string. But for what? Because he was on a string for so long by another woman. So we suffer. Women we are not trusted by some men because we are “evil”. We all are not evil. The evil ones got your money, cursed you out after you treated her like a princess and etc. Men are just as weak as women are.

Women are often called shallow because we have standards. We want everything to be perfect. We want the perfect man, but no man or woman is perfect. Men are weak. Men will put up a front and try to be a “man” and act as if they are never going to get hurt again. So they get many women. Label them. Know who’s who and who they can call when “they want to spend sometime together”. 9 times out of 10 one of the women will catch feelings. Now what? You men know how it goes. 99% of you have done this.

So the truth comes out. “I’ve been a good man and I get treated like ___.” “Why should I go out of my way to treat a woman like a woman when what I do is never enough?” “You women are never satisfied, but when I ask for something all you can give me is attitude.”

You are a BMB (Black Man Bruised) or BWS (Black Woman Scorned).

So my thing is, why pretend to make something to be something that it’s not? You know what it is, but the other person is left in the dark.

I am not saying every woman or man is evil or without a heart but why make someone else suffer for the wrong-doing of someone else’s action?

Men are capable to put up a fence and block people out. Women are capable of wearing our hearts on our sleeves and will go out of our way to please people. No is not in out vocabulary (sometimes it is).

But women will never understand men and men will continue to hurt the hearts of many women.


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